Capital Improvement Program Committee

The CIP Committee is appointed by the Board of Selectmen. As of January 1, 20122 the committee consists of:

1) Christina Mailhos, Chairman (term expires November 30, 2022)

2) Stuart Cobb (term expires November 30, 2022)

3) Karen Ann Caldwell (term expires December 1, 2023)

4) Cari Donaldson (term expires December 1, 2023)

5) Stef Summers (term expires December 1, 2023)

6) Melissa McKinnon (term expires December 1, 2024)

7) Seat Vacant (term expires December 1, 2024)

8) Erika Wiecenski (First Selectman)

9) Mike Makuch (Board of Finance, Chairman)

10) Donna Latincsics (Business Manager Ex-officio non-voting member)


Purpose of CIP Committee

The basic function of the CIP Committee is to provide the Town of Willington with an orderly process for planning and budgeting for capital needs. The plan is intended to prioritize current and future needs to fit within the anticipated level of financial resources available. The goal is to maintain all capital assets including buildings and infrastructure and to meet future demands, thus avoiding deterioration leading to costly maintenance requirements, threatening interruption of town services and decline of the community or stagnation of community growth.

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a recommended schedule of public, physical improvements, including the planning and engineering thereof, for the Town of Willington over a five year period. The overall schedule is based upon a series of priorities which take into consideration the Town’s current and anticipated financial capacity as well as the needs, desire and improvements requested from various departments, agencies, boards and commissions. 

The CIP is updated annually at which time the schedule of projects are revised as appropriate. This plan should be developed in concert with the comprehensive long range goals of the Town of Willington as noted in the Plan of Conservation and Development.