Animal Control

The Willington Animal Control is the municipal shelter and animal law enforcement department for the Town of Willington, CT. We house stray dogs in our kennel as well as investigate and enforce laws pertaining to animals within town boundaries.

Our mission is to achieve the most efficient and effective use of resources for the benefit of the citizens and animals, to create an environment in which people can move about safely, and to minimize euthanasia by promoting our facility's pets for adoption in as many ways as possible and to maintain management excellence.

This department has one "on call" officer which performs a variety of services to assist both humans and animals. The officer impounds stray/roaming dogs, controls animals which pose a threat to the public, assists injured/sick stray animals and wildlife, and will pick up and try to reunite roaming dogs with their owners and if no owner is found, the officer advertises the animal to find a suitable home if possible.

The officer also enforces all Connecticut laws pertaining to animals. All complaints and cruelty cases are investigated and infractions or arrests can be made if a person is found to be in non-compliance with the law.

We are pleased to offer a free 30-day insurance plan with every qualified adopter. More information coming soon!

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Jennifer Miller Animal Control Officer