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The assessments are reflective of the 2018 Revaluation.

  • What is a Revaluation
    • A Revaluation is the process of conducting the Data Collection and Market Analysis necessary to equalize the values of all properties within the municipality for the purpose of a fair distribution of Tax burden.
  • What happens During a Revaluation?
    • A physical inspection of both the interior and exterior of each property is conducted, where building dimensions and characteristics are noted.  This is the Data Collection phase of the project.  While the Data Collection phase is going on, Appraisers are studying the sales and determining where the actual increases and decreases in value are occurring.  The study of recent property sales allows comparisons to be made and Appraisers to establish parameters to estimate the value of the property that has not been sold.  The Appraisers then review this collected data and apply the determining factors of the sales analysis to come up with a value of each property.

Remember ~ Your value should be in line with similar properties, however; seldom will it be exactly the same as what seems to be a similar property.  Very few properties are exactly alike.

Do I have to let the Assessors office inspect my property?

  • No, you don't have to let them in, however if you choose not to let the Assessor's office in they will have to estimate the interior of the property.  This could result in an inaccurate assessment of your property.