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Due to the absence of an Assessor in early to mid-2022, the signing of the Grand List will be delayed and a one-month extension has been granted. This has been communicated and approved by OPM. Due to this, the Board of Assessment Appeals process will also be delayed. The deadlines for BAA will now be as such:




DATE: April 3, 2023

Time:   6:00 pm

Where: Common Room -Town Office Building

Written application must be handed into the Assessor's Office by Monday March 20, 2023.


Property owners and lessees have the right under Connecticut General Statutes, Sections 12-110, 12-111 and 12-504d to appeal the assessment of motor vehicles, personal property and real estate on the 2022 Grand List and the assessment of motor vehicles on the Supplemental 2021 Grand List. 

  Appellants will be notified by certified mail of the time and date in March when the BAA will hear their appeal. 


The appeal form must contain all of the following information:

  1. the property owner’s name,
  2. name and title/position of the signer,
  3. description of the property that is the subject of the appeal,
  4. name and mailing address of the party to be sent all correspondence by the BAA,
  5. reason for the appeal,
  6. appellant’s estimate of value and
  7. dated signature of the property owner or duly authorized agent of the property owner.


If any of these items are not provided, the Board can decide not to hear an appeal.


Appeal forms are available in the Assessor's Office at Willington Town Hall.  They are also available on the Board of Assessment Appeals page of the Town of Willington’s website,




Edward Taiman, Jr.

Walter E. Parsell III

Laurie M. Semprebon


***Please see our motor vehicle section for an application to be heard by the BAA***


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Staff Contacts

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